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"Did you just send an email to twenty executives and call it a memo?" Mulhausen asked outraged. "Is that a problem?" I expressed no concern. Mulhausen held up company letterhead and waved it furiously. "What do you think paper is for? Now we look like idiots!"


He donned a thick and bristly mustache with iniquitous conceit, and he continued doing so without compunction right through the peak of the goatee era of the latter 90's.


"It didn't mean anything," I said. Blair growled. "You fucked your wife, you sonofabitch. That means something."

Jason X

I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. So ignored her for a month.


The day Mulhausen shot the CIO in weekly staff was bad for worse reasons than that; it was also the day Blair found out I had sex with my wife.

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